General Nursing services

General nursing services or post-surgical care is given to a patient after the completion of a surgical procedure.

Post-surgical care usually depends on the type of surgery that the patient has undergone.

General Nursing services

Reason why you should choose us

With age, there are a lot of restriction that come along the way for any individual. In order to take care of our elders we at VIVAT Health care provide various services for the wellbeing of our elders.

When do you need General Nursing services

When do you need General Nursing services?

What can I expect from trained caretaker at home?
Expect compassionate, personalized care from a trained caretaker at home. They’ll assist with daily tasks, medication management, and provide companionship to improve your loved one’s quality of life.
What is the cost of caretaker services?
The cost of caretaker services varies depending on factors like location, level of care required, and hours needed. It’s best to consult Vivat Health Care for accurate pricing.
Do I need a Physician's recommendation for your caretaker service?
A physician’s recommendation is not always necessary for our caretaker service, but it can help us understand your specific needs better. Contact us for personalized assistance.
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