ICU Care At Home

To provide high quality critical care in the home, technology plays a big role.

Our blend of at home nursing, supported by technology.

Let us implement and monitor a patient’s care plan closely.

It allows our clinical team to take immediate action.

With this unique blend of at home and remote patient monitoring allows VIVAT Health Care to Provide Necessary care in metro cities and other cities.

ICU Care At Home
Reason Why You Should Choose Us

Reason why you should choose us we’ve combined a multidisciplinary approach through experienced Doctor’s, Nursing Staff, Physiotherapists as well as other professionals to deliver high quality and reliable care with hospital care safety measures.

We deliver what we commit.
Dedicated Attitude
Get the best services from experienced experts in caregiving industry.
Experienced Professionals
Get the best services from experienced professional in Health Care industry.
Patient Onboarding Journey.
on boarding Journey
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Procedure And Process At VIVAT HEALTH CARE
To ensure proper procedure and process At VIVAT HEALTH CARE , very well trained professional clinical team of :
ICU Infrastructure
Ventilator/ Bipap
Syringe pump
Syringe Pump
Other equipment as per requirement
Other Equipment As Per Requirement